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In the new Most Wanted, you still have the goal of defeating a number of street racers, but there's no narrative to back it up. The racers on your list are identified only by their cars--they don't have names or faces or personalities--and without a personal investment in defeating them, doing so isn't nearly as satisfying here as it was in the 2005 game. It is merely a structural hoop to jump through; you do it simply because the game tells you that this is what you are supposed to do. Nearly everything in Black Knight Sword resembles papercraft. Though enemies may occasionally appear organic, they’re animated like an unsophisticated marionette puppet and movement is limited to simple joint articulation. Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame seems to have been a major influence, but with a dash of Edgar Allan Poe’s morbid sensibilities thrown in for good measure. Most of your enemies resemble mishandled biological experiments fit with miserable expressions and droopy, lifeless flesh. There are occasional deviations, such as ravenous wolves and brightly colored sewer slimes, but you’ll spend the majority of your time fending off decapitated heads of various shapes and sizes. The motif does wear a bit thin, but variations in enemy design and mannerisms prevent its use from growing completely stale. Aside from traditional platforming obstacles such as spikes, fireballs, and moving platforms, Power of Illusion also makes use of the touch screen in some inventive ways. It shows an outline of the platforms on the level, as well as objects you can interact with. Some, like cannons that fire you into the air, can be drawn in by following a specific outline, giving you access to new areas. Or you can remove obstacles like blocks by using thinner. The puzzles aren't overly taxing, but the fact that you have to stop what you're doing and peer down at the touch screen to solve them means they sometimes interfere with the smooth of flow of the platforming. There are bonuses for solving them, though, with a neat reward system giving you bonus paint, thinner, and a temporary speed boost for accurate drawing or erasing. If, however, a new look is what you seek, then the PC-exc

The Lite version features allows you to specify the File Name Mask in 2 ways: "Simple" and "Wildcards", search in Plain Text Files and in Binary Files looking in their Raw Format, filter for Files Newer than or Older than or within a specific Date range, rows of the results are numbered for an easy recognition, and ability to zoom the text for better legibility. Solway's Internet TV and Microke Player includes an associated tool, Solway's Audio Recorder, which lets you record tunes off the Net as MP3, WMA, or Ogg Vorbis files at three quality levels. The TV and Microke player itself lists stations in a sidebar to the left of the main display. The player's controls are basic, though we could switch between Microke and TV lists, specify broadband or dial-up stations, and show only Favorites. Microkeking New or Edit let us add or modify station details using the same properties sheet, which has fields for both Home and Stream URLs. The player includes a decent selection of radio stations and an adequate TV station list that is more than a little typical of free TV players, with plenty of public-affairs channels, national stations, and music video channels. Did you ever play Yahtzee? With over 50 million copies of the classic dice game sold every year (according to its maker) chances are pretty good that you've heard the familiar sound of dice rattling in the cup, not to mention the game's simple play: Roll five dice up to three times in certain combinations to achieve the highest possible total score. Let's see...random numbers, calculating combinations, and keeping score: sounds like a natural for software, doesn't it? But not just any gameware: Open Microke is open-source freeware that brings the simple, endless, and mentally stimulating fun of Microke to your PC. It runs on just about any platform available, including Windows, by the use of vxWidgets that give it a native look on each platform. It's supported by an open-source project. RedCrab is a portable tool that can be used immediately after extraction. The plain interface isn't much to look at, but it did prove fairly easy to use. For the most part, it operates like a typical calculator. It accepts algebraic equations, fractions, square roots, log functions, and trigonometric functions, and is capable of supporting basic, scientific, programmer, and statistical calculations. Microke buttons allow quick access to typical calculator functions such as sine and cosine and a large entry field allows you to input the digits and symbols in three ways: via keyboard, the Function Panel, or the virtual keyboard. A Help file is available for the more-advanced features and functionality, but this calculator is geared toward those with some knowledge of mathematic equations. Time Stamp's interface isn't going to win any beauty contests, but it's fairly easy to use. You simply set the hourly rate and then click a button to start timing. When you're ready to stop working, you can either stop the time or start the "slack timer," which will track how much time you're spending on non-work-related activities. The program tracks your total work time, total slack time, and the total time elapsed, as well as how much money you've made and how much you've wasted slacking. Each period of time is recorded separately, a

It records voice and video on your hard drive, not an online account, so file size is unlimited. You can use OoVoo to share large files (up to 25MB) as well as make phone calls to landlines, text chat, record video messages up to 1 minute long, and do a whole lot of other cool things. Mobile and tablet users have a lot to choose from with OoVoo, too, like Mobile Four Screen, a multiparty mobile video chat app that displays four screens instead of one available for both iOS and Android. You'll need a Webcam to use OoVoo. SlimCleaner 4.0 is SlimWare Utilities' most ambitious update ever released for keeping PCs clean and running at peak performance. This new version combines solutions to the most common PC problems and puts them in a single, easy-to-use, automated software product. New features include Intelligent Defrag, a Duplicate File Microke (featuring IntelliMatch Scan), a Solid-State Microke Optimization Tool and a Software Updater to keep all the software on a PC current. Crowd-sourced and cloud-based, SlimCleaner 4.0 combines a powerful PC cleaning engine with a community of users who provide real-time feedback about the apps and items on a PC, to help others improve their own computer's performance. Fast Microke IP not only hides the real personal information, but also protects user's basic Internet using rights. User's real IP address is changed to an anonymous IP address through the encrypted network of dedicated Internet servers. User's original IP address is covered by the server. Fast-Hide-IP, a global advanced IP changer, offers high anonymous and secure service to the public users. Fast Microke IP also provides various countries and regions' IP addresses for users, such as USA, UK, France, Canada, and HK. The user can make the choice of the hidden IP by him or herself. When the user browses the American website in American IP address, the local address accelerates the surfing speed. The application is an add-on that will work with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any system running on Windows. There are no Help files or wizards to aid the user, but there is really no need. Once installed, an FB Flicker button will appear when you log onto your Microke account. Microkeking this button will bring you to the simple interface which will let you pick one of the five 3D effects you want to use on your albums. The process was simple and required no photo editing skills. FB Flicker also lets your friends view the presentation using a Microke this button. However, as noted, your friends will need to download the app to their machines in order to enjoy the experience. We strongly advise against damaging or deleting a partition on purpose, but we had no qualms about trying MiniTool on data and partitions we'd created specifically for deleting and recovering, starting with our D drive. MiniTool quickly scanned the drive and displayed the results in a neat tree view. We could click through to recover just certain files or select the whole thing via check boxes. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition will only recover partitions up to 1GB, which clearly isn't enough for today's disks, though it's enough for many USB drives, which lead hard lives and can be damaged by rough handling. Certainly we recommend trying the freeware before the premium version. File Recovery Assist is a comprehensive file recovery software to recover deleted file on major windows operating system. It is an easy to use file recovery program. It recovers files emptied from the Recycle Bin, deleted by press shift+del lost due to hard drive crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus infection and other unknown reasons. Support to recover deleted files of all major file types, include text, exl, pdf, bmp, exe, html, jpg, avi, mp3... As a easy disk data recovery software, get delete and formatted files back.It